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June 2022. A conversation. A shared vision among a few small business owners. What started as an earnest discussion in search of a forum where open dialogue, collaborative learning, and mutual assistance could flourish, quickly birthed Entrepreneur Connect. From a humble WhatsApp group to what it is today, our journey began with the simple recognition of a need - a space to ask, share, and grow together.


At the heart of Entrepreneur Connect lies a mission deeply rooted in unity and mutual growth. Our goal is to build an ecosystem where small business owners, freelancers, creators, and entrepreneurs find not just resources, but a family of like-minded individuals ready to uplift, support, and guide.


As we look ahead, our ambition is clear and unwavering - to continually enrich our community with value-driven resources, thought-provoking webinars, and enlightening discussions. We strive to be that nurturing space, that hand to hold, as you journey from 0 to 1, and from 1 to 10 in your business.


From an intimate group of 20 friends to a bustling community of 100+ active members, our growth has been organic and robust. Daily, our forums buzz with enlightening discussions, innovative solutions, and shared experiences, a testament to the power of collective effort.


From Direct to Consumer (D2C) businesses in sustainable e-commerce, F&B, personal care, self-care, jewelry, fashion, to artists turning their craft into a brand, tech startups, and even the service providers that make these dreams tangible - we are a diverse collective. Our strength? A member representing each region of India, each bringing their unique perspective, knowledge, and the willingness to both give and take.



In Entrepreneur Connect, every member is more than just a number. With no membership fees, we prioritize genuine, unadulterated knowledge-sharing. Our members benefit from a pan-India network of seasoned business founders, startup visionaries, and talented creators - always ready to assist, guide, and uplift.


We've hosted 8 impactful online events in the past year alone. From the intricacies of paid social marketing, LinkedIn strategies, and Canva demos, to crucial topics like mental health and inspiring entrepreneurial journeys - we've touched all facets of the business realm. Our member meetups, especially in Mumbai, have fostered real connections, friendships, and collaborations. To cater to our large member base that participates in pop-up events, we created a popup review system that collates all feedback and experiences.


This community has not only become my safe space to ask the most basic questions, but I love the inflow of information and updates on what’s happening around us.

EC has changed the way I look at networking groups. It’s super active to seek help and it’s not spammy.

In the very spirit of our community, most queries are met with a helpful response within just 60 minutes.



At Entrepreneur Connect, respect is non-negotiable. We understand the value of time and mutual regard. Each member is cherished, and each voice is heard.

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